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Riczelle hizon

Riczelle Hizon Bio 1 April 30, 2011 The Human Mating In today’s generation mating is very popular to teenager. Teenagers want to experiment and experience how it feels like to mate with some one they really love or care about. But how does mating really works? Do individual has to be attracted to the opposite sex, or the sensation just has to be present. Modern humans come into their mating strategies through the success of their ancestor. This article provides an example of the complexities of each strategies such as: long-term strategies, short-term strategies, mate poaching, extra pair mating, and mate guarding. The article presents an evidence and support these hypothesis using data, graphs, and an examples. The article suggested that traditionally, men and women approach mating differently, the sexes intensely evolved in strategies solutions. These differences take account of different preferences of sexes when mating, Men and women also have different approach for short-term mating and how it triggers the sexual jealousy. According to the author David Buss, if any human failed to select suitable mate, failed to attract a mate or failed to hold on to mate for reproduction then a new generation would not be here to make a strategies for mating. This article can relate to our class discussion about sexual selection by Darwin on why male and female are different from each other, in terms of their physical concept and their behavior. Darwin suggested that mating was caused by sexual selection. That male and female choose who they want to have mate with and not because they are meant to be with each other. Darwin implies two process in which sexual selection could take place. The first one was the intrasexual competition, in which one sex compete to other. This competition is very rare in our society. Male or female try their hard to look good, so that they can compete with their friend or others, and by doing that the opposite sex can notice them. The second process was intersexual selection, this process involves the affection of one sex to the opposite. For instances, if one sex prefer a blue eyed person, then those who had blue eyes would have the greater chances to mate. The fascinating facts about human mating is that human do not illustrate one strategy. Every human being has their own choice when it comes to mating and one of them is the long-term commited or also known as marriage. In this strategies, male and female devote themselves to promote an offspring. However, when sexes commit to long-term they have to consider many aspect such as if the male can provide for their offspring or the physical look of each sexes. Females are more like to be choosy than men when it comes to long term commitment because females wants to have an assurance that their mate can supply all the needs of their offspring. On the other hand, not all mating last long. Some of the human couples only last for few months or years, this is called short-term mating. There are also some couples who only wants to attract the opposite sex even though it is already in a romantic relations, this mating is called Mate Poaching. It is usually starts for a temporary sexual encounter and then end with either long term or short term mating. The most irrational type of mating that was discussed in this article was the Extra Mating, where an individual cheat on her partner to experienced a sexual desires. All the strategies that was conferred in this article was actually applies to all couple around the world. However, the theory of sexual selection provides that male and female are differ through psychological and behavioral. Male tend to have sex because they are attracted to women and it can give them pleasures, while females mate because of love and passion. When it comes to marriage, male and female think differently as well. Women are more on parental investment. Women want their children to have a good life and someone who can protect them. On the other hand, Male generally preferred to mates with younger female because it gives them the assurance of a powerful fertility. Nevertheless, both female and males have a preference of mating who were kind, stable, responsible, understanding, and of course, some one who is good looking. I would say that men and women are meant to be opposite of each other. Men has their own way of thinking and so is women. Whatever their job is, in terms of mating , what is important is they are responsible with the consequences. Being different is actually not a bad idea because being diverse makes them learn from each other and that is the essence of mating. They have to guide each other, know what should be done to make a relationship work.

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