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Blood Vessels and Circulation

Blood Vessels and Circulation

1. Systemic blood vessels transport blood 

a. from the left ventricle through the body to the left atrium.

b. from the left ventricle through the body to the right atrium.

c. from the right ventricle through the body to the left atrium.

d. from the right ventricle through the body to the right atrium.

e. from the left ventricle to the lungs.

2. Which of the following functions is associated with vessels that carry blood directly from arterioles to veins without passing through capillaries?  Blood Vessels and Circulation


a. thermoregulation

b. nutrient supply to tissues

c. removal of metabolic waste products from tissues

d. oxygen supply to tissues

e. pH regulation

3. In the pulmonary circulation, the _____ carry blood to the lungs. 

a. carotid sinuses

b. pulmonary arteries

c. coronary arteries

d. superior vena cava and inferior vena cava

e. aorta

4. The abdominal aorta divides at L5 to form the two 

a. inferior mesenteric arteries.

b. common iliac arteries.

c. superior mesenteric arteries.

d. femoral arteries.

e. renal arteries.

5. Blood from the posterior abdominal wall drains into the 

a. hepatic portal vein.

b. inferior vena cava.

c. ascending lumbar vein.

d. mesenteric vein.

e. hepatic vein.

6. A blood pressure reading of 120/80 would 

a. indicate a diastolic pressure of 120 mm Hg.

b. have Korotkoff sounds at pressures above 120 mm Hg.

c. be considered normal for a young adult male.

d. indicate a systolic pressure of 80 mm Hg.

e. would be considered hypertensive.

7. In the aorta, 

a. the blood pressure and blood velocity are both high.

b. the velocity of blood flow is high, but blood pressure is low.

c. the resistance to blood flow is high, but velocity of blood flow is low.

d. the resistance to blood flow and the blood pressure are both low.

e. velocity is diminished because the total cross-sectional area is small.

8. In capillary exchange, which of the following statements is true? Blood Vessels and Circulation

a. Most fluid that leaves the arterial end of a capillary reenters the venous end of a capillary.

b. Interstitial fluid normally has a higher osmotic pressure than plasma.

c. Constriction of the precapillary sphincter will increase blood pressure in the capillary.

d. Interstitial protein concentration is normally higher than plasma protein concentration.

e. Most fluid that leaves the arterial end of a capillary enters the lymphatic system.

9. Baron von Quakka, famous tag-team wrestler, has a famous “sleeper hold” that he uses on his opponents. Using only a single digit on each hand, he presses on his opponent’s neck until his opponent passes out. What are the structures on which he is pressing and what is the effect? Blood Vessels and Circulation

a. subclavian arteries; blood flow to brain is stopped

b. carotid chemoreceptors; blood pressure increases

c. baroreceptors in carotid sinus; peripheral vasodilation and decreased heart rate

d. vertebral arteries; blood flow to brain is increased

e. jugular vein; blood flow back to heart is decreased

10. Atrial natriuretic factor 

a. is released in response to elevated atrial pressure.

b. stimulates the release of ADH.

c. decreases urine production.

d. stimulates release of aldosterone.

e. increases blood volume.

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