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Taking care of a newborn B: Making sure the job gets done IV: Three types of levels A: One, two and three B: Describing them V: EducationA: Schooling B: Effort it takes Conclusion: Nursery nurses specialize in taking care of premature babies. They are a unique because; only the best of the best qualify for this job. August 9th, 1 963 was the day medical nurses played a different roll. On that day President John F. Kennedy became a father to Patrick Fourier Kennedy. Patrick was born five weeks and a half early, weighing four pounds and ten and half ounces.

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Patrick was rushed back to Boston, back then the neonatal intensive care unit was not around. Patrick died 39 hours later after birth. His death sparked interest in the study of prematurely of newborn babies (Alton). Over the past few decades, new inventions were created for the intensive care unit. The first invention of this time period was the incubator which, was created on May 14th, 1891 and later becoming more transmittable. The incubator could now travel around the hospital without touching the baby or more harm for the baby (The History of Neonatal Intensive Care Units).

Also the first techniques to get blood from a newborn baby was discovered at this time period. Although the techniques were becoming more advance the babies were still dying due to diseases and medicine that was not given to them. Newtechnologylike the ROI can help out in today’s world. It’s a program where it monitors a baby’s moment outside a mother’s room. Also helps with not mixing the newborn babies up in the intensive care unit. The technology around us has changed overall. Neonatal nurses only get better with time as well. Like all jobs, neonatalnursingalso have requirements and duties to newborns.

The duties are working with newborns which is a strong tolerance cause, babies do cry. Neonatal nurses have to do a series of test and register as a nurse. During your nursing program, nurses may want to enroll in classes like pediatrics and entomology. Some employers want you to have work experience with infants or in the intensive care unit, however, employer’s requisites can vary, and you may withal need supplemental, formal inculcation or training. These nurses work with medicos as well as other nurses in a clinic or hospital to avail mothers learn about motherhood.

Some Of the duties involved in neonatal care include giving the mother dedication, running various tests, and of course, recording vitals on her and other information on her body after birth (What Are the Requirements for a Neonatal Nurse). Training is also a big part in thiscareerbecause; some clinics or jobs won’t hire you unless you have a post-secondary education in neonatal nursing. The most common standard is the BBS which can also be called as the Bachelors ofSciencein nursing. There are also more educational requirements like knowing the human body and also biology.

Pain management in premature and sick babies has long been recognized as a ITIL component of neonatal care. However, practices pertaining to pain assessment and administration of neonatal nursing remain variable in Neonatal Units. Diseases have been identified as an ineffective way to make a baby healthier. According to CUFF. Com ” A neonatal nurse may take care of a baby with multiple problems including drug-addicted babies and premature babies”. They may also care for babies who are weak and fragile or need 24- hour nursing.

Neonatal nurses have to monitor the babies closely and give special care immediately after birth. Neonatal nurses may also attend deliveries. Found on Physical. Com ” Some nurses attend all deliveries and assist as well by hooking up laboring patients to monitors, starting Avis, assisting with getting patients ready for C-sections, and assisting with general patient care. Neonatal nurses have more than one job and to become a neonatal. A person must be able to do the same thing multiple times, there’s never time for mistakes. ‘ As neonatal nurse you also have duties during you duration of working at a clinic or hospital.

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Duties often are changing feeding tubes, monitoring computers, checking the vitals Of newborn babies or performing incubation’s. Neonatal nurses monitor vital signs such as respiration and temperature, and perform any specialized feeding such as tube feeding. Being a neonatal nurse is not always about the medical field either. Other duties are like rocking a baby, feeding them bottles for daily nutrition and possibly changing a few dirty diapers here and there (Merriments). Not all babies in the intensive care unit get to see their parents often.

Sometimes neonatal nurses keep them company and take on a motherly role. Neonatal nurses can educate a mother andfamilymembers about a hazard condition and neonatal nurses interact with them in that way. A neonatal nurse should have excellent speaking skills, with the ability to provide compassion and empathy to parents. They can also draw blood from the neonate and use the sample for testing on a specific task. A neonatal nurse must also understand a newborn baby to prevent harm from risks that specifically affect a newborn baby’s body such as temperature changes or obtain oxygen (Greenwood).

Neonatal nurses work in one of three levels; depending if a nurse gets promoted or has higher education than a nurse can move up levels. Working in the intensive care unit can be stressful. There are three different types of bevels when working in the type Of medical field. The first level is level one. While working in level one a neonatal is a healthy newborn nursery. These nurseries are almost safe during these days because mothers and newborns have a very short hospital stay. The average length of hospital stay after a normal delivery is a minimum of forty-eight hours when the baby is healthy can care-free.

Also, working in level one could be a starter because, you can ease yourself in the different levels of opportunity before going to the level two and three nurseries. When working in the level one nursery your duties re fulfilling the basic needs of a newborn like a changing diaper, feeding and educating mothers about the newborn baby. Working in the level two nurseries is different in many ways. They care of infants with of 32 weeks of age. The level two nursery in the intensive care unit is an intermediate care or a special care nursery where the baby may be born prematurely or may be suffering from an illness.

These babies may need supplemental oxygen, intravenous therapy, specialized feedings, or more time to mature before discharge from the hospital (The Academy of Neonatal Nursing). The final bevel is the level three nurseries inside the intensive care unit. The level three neonatal intensive care unit admits all neonates or premature newborns during the first 28 days of life who cannot be treated in either of the other two nursery levels. These babies may be small for their age, premature or sick term infants who require high technology care, such as ventilators, special equipment or incubators, or surgery.

The level three units may be in a large general hospital or part of a children’s hospital. Neonatal nurses provide a direct patient care to these infants (The Academy of Neonatal Nursing). Like most jobs in today’s world you need education to do a topnotch job. TO become certified in the neonatal nurse staff, a college or university education to prepare a register nurse depending on whether students attend a bachelors or associate degree program takes about two to four years to complete. After graduating, students take the state licensing exam to become an RAN.

There is no special program for neonatal nursing in basic RAN education. Some nursing programs have an elective course in neonatal nursing (The Academy of Neonatal Nursing). To become an RAN you have to cake a series of test like INC_EX which is a statewide test to work in a hospital with newborn babies. The test is based on broad subjects like biology, infection control and therapy. Hands on training are very valuable because that’s what most jobs look at when you apply at a clinic or hospital. Supervision is usually carried on with a registered nurse who teaches you the basics working in a level one, two or three nursery.

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After schooling you must become certified with the state board admissions. To be credited, you need service hours, passing the state board admissions test and having at least our years of nursing school. Work ethics and speed are two characteristics in neonatal nurse practitioners because their response can depend on the life of a newborn baby. By finding the right job at a clinic or hospital the neonatal nurse must target these employers directly and highlight aninternshipexperience in this specialty.

Also, check for job opening with professional organizations, such as the American Nursing Association nurse practitioners are required to have exceptionalcommunicationskills since they have to inform families about postpartum, intensive and neonatal care. Emotional invitations is another valuable characteristic in a job in which neonatal nurse practitioners may have to address negative effects on the occurrence of death of patients under their care to their mother (Neonatal A neonatal nurse salary depends on the higher the edification.

As read on Puzzle that Neonatal nurses working for sizable voluminous hospitals will naturally, earn more than those working for more minuscule hospitals. Nurses employed in sizable voluminous cities will be earning much more than those employed in hospitals andhealthcare centers in rural areas. For a neonatal nurse who is a Irishman with little to no experience will earn about $50, 000 per year. With around four to five years of experience, you can facilely earn anything between $55, 000 to $65, 000 per year.

Neonatal nurses with more than ten years of experience can earn between $65, 000 to 575, 000 per year and even more. (Salary. Com) Depending on the area that the neonatal nurse opts to live in is a wide-spread. Neonatal nurses have an arduous time because, sometimes in a rural area not much transpires but if that neonatal nurse peregrinates to a more immensely colossal city, there is always more room to invest and have a safe job there. Nurse Practitioner Job Description). Charities have also been created to help fund the intensive care unit. The first one was the March Of Dimes.

March Of Dimes helps out with bring caution to everyone about newborn babies. According to March of Dimes in the United States, 1 in 9 babies are born prematurely. Worldwide, 15 million babies are born too soon each year. Taking part in March for Babies is more than just support. Consumers are changing the future for babies and making the world a better place and bringing more jobs like neonatal nursing to a whole new bevel. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, a 1 994 study revealed that infants cared for by neonatal nurse practitioners stayed in the hospital an average of 2. Fewer days and incurred $3, 400 less in costs than those cared for by medical residents. The babies under the care of the neonatal nurse practitioners were generally younger with lower birth weights charities have funded neonatal studies today. Today the average decreased because, moneyIS being funded to create programs where neonatal nurses and gaining more knowledge and a better understanding of the newborns hat are born into this world every day. Clearing doubts and fears in the minds of new parents of a newborn is also a task which is performed by almost all neonatal nurses.

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