Foundation Of US Health Care Delivery

How could that video be improved? What important thing that you have learned in your reading was left out? Do you have personal experiences that speak to the narrator’s message?


The video “Foundation of US Health Care Delivery” gives an overview regarding the delivery of healthcare in the United States. Though this video is outstanding and has helped the individuals to obtain a clear understanding of the healthcare delivery in the United States, it can be improved by revealing the significant gaps existing between the quality of care and the U.S healthcare system it currently delivers. The occurrences of these gaps in the quality of care are not due to the actions of individual providers of healthcare but are mainly as a result of the failure of the healthcare organizations to integrate recognized measures of improvements in the care process (Shi & Singh, 2015). 

According to me, an important thing that has been left out in the reading is that a system of healthcare cannot claim to offer the best care or expect to achieve it if population subgroups are receiving inadequate care or care which does not meet the standards of the healthcare system. For any organization to feel proud of it regarding providing the best care factors such as-inequality in access, utilization, and healthcare outcomes must be analyzed. This is because inequalities in the system of healthcare raise ethical, moral economic and possibly legal issues for the operations of the healthcare system.  In the settings of healthcare, satisfaction is an important factor of apparent quality, proficiency of providers, personal esteem as well as treatment received by the patients. A high satisfaction of the patient is associated with return visits, compliance in terms of medical treatment, and self-management in an efficient manner (Tilburt et al., 2013).


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