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NMIH204 Reflection And Practice Question: Discuss about the Greater Access to Medical Cannabis Products.     Answer: Slide One Currently, there is a great shortage of access medical cannabis in Australia. It thus affects the patients terribly since they have to acquire them from outside sources(Butler, 2017). Patients suffer from ailments that could otherwise be cured if the products were easily accessible (Janichek &Reiman, 2012). It is then important to examine why and how greater access to medical cannabis should be allowed in Australia. Speaker notes Australia does not have a local supply of medical cannabis as per now. The government, therefore, depends on imports from other nations that take months before they arrive. It thus threatens patient’s lives as it gives time for ailments to worsen. Slide Two Cut down on the cost of medication Allowing greater access to medical cannabis in Australia ensures that the patient’s do not incur a lot of medical costs (SCARR, 2017). Patient’s use a lot of money buying other alternative medications, which are least effective A lot of money is also incurred in travelling overseas to acquire medical cannabis (Butler, 2017). The government also needs to cut down on the cost of medical cannabis to enable access by citizens of varied economic status. Speaker notes Patients tend to incur a lot of costs buying medical cannabis from abroad. At the same time, it takes too much time before the same arrives in the nation. Others just choose to use less effective alternatives which are cheaply available in the country but do not cure the ailments, and the situation persists leading to more medical costs. Since the medical cannabis is imported, it is very costly, and the government needs to cut down on its cost so that anyone can access it. Slide Three Allowing the domestic companies to sell the product Allowing domestic companies to sell medical cannabis will ensure that the product is accessible within the nation (SCARR, 2017). However, it requires strict control of the business (Butler, 2017). The companies need to sell the products only to those patient’s prescribed by the doctor Speaker notes Shortages of the products in the nation may end by allowing domestic companies to sell medical cannabis. The government has realised that and is in the process of ensuring some companies are licensed to conduct the business under strict regulations. Slide Four Growing own crops Greater access to medical cannabis may be achieved by growing cannabis crops in Australia. The government has announced that growing of Cannabis is underway although it may sometimes take (Health department, 2017). The Victorian government is the first one to announce the harvest of Cannabis (Butler, 2017). Speaker notes Growing cannabis crops in Australia will save a lot for the government on imports. The plan is underway, but it is going to take some time. However, the first harvests have already been received in Victoria. Slide Five Effectiveness on ailments Medical cannabis is very effective in several ailments that seem to challenge other forms of medications (SCARR, 2017). Examples of such ailments include epilepsy, cancer and other chronic and painful illnesses (Kirkwood, 2014). It is also less addictive than even coffee    Speaker notes Greater access to the medical cannabis is paramount since the products are effective on illnesses like epilepsy and cancer among other chronic and painful ailments.   Bibliography Josh Butler, (2017). “Medical Cannabis Available For Sale In Australia In Just Weeks” The Huffington Post; retrieved from LANAI SCARR, ( 2017). “talking about weed: How medicinal cannabis might help” The Daily Telegraph, extracted from Janichek, J. L., & Reiman, A. (2012). Clinical service desires of medical cannabis patients. Harm reduction journal, 9(1), 12. LANAI SCARR, ( 2017). Health minister Greg Grant approves prompt medicinal cannabis business” The Courier Mail; link Health department, (2017). “Access to medicinal cannabis” Australian Government; link Ian Kirkwood, (2014). “Cannabis oil stopped my cancer” Herald;

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