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Needs Of Communication In Health And Social Care

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Needs Of Communication In Health And Social Care Questions: 1. Understand how various factors influence the communication process in health and social care. 2. Explain how legislation, charters and codes of practice impact on the communication process in health and social care. 3. Analyse the effectiveness of organisational systems and policies in promoting good practice in communication. 4. Suggest ways of improving the communication process in a health and social care setting. 5. Access and use standard communication technology (ICT) inhealth and social care. 6. Analyse the benefits of using ICT in health and social care for users of services, care workers and care organisations. 7. Analyse now legal considerations in the use of ICT impact on health and social care.   Answers: Introduction In this research paper, the researcher is going to highlight the needs of communication in health and social care. Health and social care organizations are currently facing communication related issues (Brown, et al, 2012). The essay is going to come up with the ideas whereon the solution to the communication error will be explored. Several strategies will be undertaken to overcome the issues is going to be discussed in this paper. Analysis Of Main Body 1 Role Of Various Factors In Influencing The Communication Process In Health And Social Care In a health care setting, people from different cultures and values come to avail treatment. Different culture and values helps to share the ideas, behaviour and custom of the individual. If a patient from different language comes to avail treatment in UK then that patients can face while speaking to the doctors and caregivers (Canty, 2013). Cultural and language differences often prohibit them to depict the issues properly in front of the health care professionals. It is the sole responsibility of the health care worker to respect and look after the culture, belief and background of the service users. It is necessary for the care workers to check the tone of voice and body language in order to provide utmost care to the patients. 2 Evaluate The Impact Of Laws And Legislation On The Communication Process In Health And Social Care Legislation is the set of law, which is developed by Government of House of Parliament to ensure the health of the service users. It is the right of the patients to get equal treatment from the health care professionals. With the help of several policy frameworks, the right of the individual can be protected. Several laws have been developed and doctors and nurses have to abide by those laws (Carnwell, et al, 2009). Data Protection Act of 1998 instructs the helps care professionals to keep data safe. Confidentiality Law is stating that the recorded information should not be disclosed to anyone without the written permission of the patients and its family members. 3 Impact Of Effectiveness Of Organizational System And Policies In Promoting Good Practice In Communication Impatient behaviour and unprofessional attitude of the doctors are showing the lack of effectiveness and robust system of governance. Every health and social care organization should have some laws to promote communication inoperative policies. Hospital sectors should have some policies and Code of Practices that should be carried out in the organization (Carson and Bain, 2008). On the other hand, governance system of the hospital should ensure the interest of the patients. Creating flexible work environment in the health care setting helps to meet the professional obligation. It is the duty of the management to take care of the behaviour of the staffs by constant monitoring and training. Appraisal and reward systems are the best way to compliance with the Code and Practices and Policies (Luckmann and Nobles, 2000). The complain channel and Information Strategy should be designed in such a way that patients can contact with the hospital authority directly. This process would help in preventing barriers.   4 Ways Of Improvement In The Communication Process Of Health And Social Care There are several ways to improve the communication process of health and social care. Health care professional should check verbal and non-verbal communication; use different signs and symbol, pictures and signed language to communicate with the other patients. On the other hand, written communication and communication technological aids are the ways to improve the communication process in health and social care (Moss and Moss, 2012). Training and development should be provided to the employees so that they can understand the need of communication in the health organization. Health care professional should listened things carefully and they should be aware of the laws like confidentiality in personal information. Information must be used irreversible, proactively and should be discussed away from the close one. 5. Role Of ICT In Health And Social Care There are several ICT packages, which are helping in understanding the role of Information Communication Technology. Various standards of ICT software packages like spreadsheet, power points, database, word processor and monitors are needed. Along with that information retrieval, intranet, internet, email and image software are used to understand the standard of Information Communication Software (Stavans, 2010). 6. Benefits Of ICT In Order To Improve The Health And Social Care Service For The Service Users In a communication sector, it is necessary to develop an effective communication between the employees and service users in the health care service. ICT has changed the sphere of the health and social care. With the help of the ICT, the management of the organization can able to manage the records (Testa, 2010). Managing records are helping in retrieving data. Saving patients’ data through ICT can help in saving more time and cost. Paper work or manual work needs lots of time but with the help of the ICT, patients will feel comfortable if the information is available. 7. Analysis Of The Legal Consideration In The Use Of ICT Management of the organization should follow several legislations while using ICT in health and social care. ICT helps the employees to reduce the work paper; documentation is a lengthy and tiresome process, it may have negative impact on the health of the individual. In accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, it is the sole responsibility of the management of the organization to take care of the employees and provide every health related support to the employees (Carnwell, et al, 2009). Display Screen Equipment Regulations of 1992 is protecting the people who are working with DSA like with any electronic gadgets. On the other hand, Computer Misuse Act 1990 is aiming at reducing various negative issues like misuse of the computer system. Summary Of The Paper From the overall analysis of the paper, it can be determined that the patients are facing trouble due to participation of the health care professionals and as a caregiver it is necessary to communicate with the patients effectively (Brown, et al, 2012). There are several legal considerations while using ICT in the organization and management of health care sector should follow those legal affairs in order to ensure the safety of the patients’ as well as safety of the employees.   References Brown, P., Morello-Frosch, R. and Zavestoski, S. (2012). Contested illnesses. Berkeley: University of California Press. Canty, R. (2013). Communication Skills in Health and Social Care, 2nd Edition. Australian Journal of Primary Health, 19(1), p.88. Carnwell, R., Buchanan, J. and Carnwell, R. (2009). Effective practice in health, social care and criminal justice. Maidenhead: McGraw Hill/Open University Press. Carson, D. and Bain, A. (2008). Professional risk and working with people. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Luckmann, J. and Nobles, S. (2000). Transcultural communication in health care. Albany, NY: Delmar. Moss, B. and Moss, B. (2012). Communication skills in health and social care. London: SAGE. Stavans, I. (2010). Health care. Santa Barbara, Calif.: Greenwood. Testa, D. (2010). Communication Skills for Health Care and Social Care. Australian Social Work, 63(3), pp.362-363.

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