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Mindfulness And ACT Concepts Question: Discuss about the Mindfulness and ACT Concepts.     Answer: Introduction: At modern days, stress is considered to be one of the leading causes of poor lifestyle. The problem is increasing at a rapid pace which is declining the productivity of individuals. Some of the people who are suffering from such problems, instead of coming up with a more natural and permanent treatment, opts for choosing unhealthy medications which further declines the conditions. According to some of the experts, meditations and mild physical activity a greatly reduce such problems. This assignment discusses the positive impact of such activities on an individual. Reflective Analysis On The Various Practices Of The Mindful Activities: Due to recent increase of pressure at my job, I faced a series of problems in my personal life. As days passed by, I was unable to come up with an effective way to balance both my personal and my professional life. The biggest challenges I face was that I used to carry the pressure of work in my home and vice versa. As a result my productivity went down dramatically. Therefore, I had to come up with some techniques to reduce such problems. Some of my friends suggested me to practice mediation before bedtime and also at mornings. This simple suggestion allowed to me to reduce the mental burden to a great extent. At the initial days, when I started meditation, it was quite difficult for me concentrate as I found that my mind was at a chaotic sate. As a result, I could not practice mediation no longer for a couple of minutes. Hence I seeked help form professionals to get better guidance. Within a very short amount of time, my mental condition improved dramatically. Previously, when I was stressed out all day long, I treated my colleagues and my family members quite harshly. As a result, I received a fitted response. However, after including the practice of mediation in my daily schedule, my behavior changed towards them. I started to show more empathy and kindness to them. As a result, they started to return my emphatic behavior with similar response. As days rolled by I stated to being advanced mediation which was suggested by an expert known as Mark O Donahue. This form of mediation further boosted up the result. As a matter in fact, the result were so positive that that I intend to practice them for the rest of life. I found that, the best way to lad a life without stress is showing love and kindness towards the surroundings.  A combination of practicing meditation and having an empathetic behavior has allowed me to reduce my chaotic mind to a great extent (Vinson 2016).   Comparison Of Observations And Efforts In The First Weeks And Last Weeks As stated before, I used to remain stressed most of the days. As a result I opted for taking a number of medication pills in order to reduce these problems on a temporary basis, which however, only enhanced my problems further. As a result I opted for other alternatives. Hence, I chose to mediate and include other productive activities. At the initial days, these activities did not give optimum results. However, I decided to keep my patience. Within the first week, my condition started to improve. The rate however was slow. I started opting for various physical activities such as walking and practicing martial arts which demanded both physical and mental conditioning.  I stated walking three days on the first week, and gradually increased the frequency in the second and third week. I started to let go all the factor and moments which disturbed my mind and acted as a barrier for concentrating on other productive activities. I realized that, dwelling in the past will not improve my condition and therefore, I stopped regretting about my mistakes which I made earlier. In the third week, I practiced some breathing exercise early in the morning which allowed me to relax more. A collection of these activities have improved my mental conditions to a great extent (Sitzman et al 2016).   Reflective Analysis On The Personal Gains From The Mindful Activities: The gains from practicing such activities have allowed me to lead a better lifestyle.  Practicing such activities has allowed me to deal more efficiently with physical problems as well. I noticed that, back in the days, when I used to remain stressed out for most of the duration of the day, my medical bills skyrocketed. It was in that phase, my medical condition was worse compared to present times. I realized that, if the body lacked coordination with the mind, it is never possible for me to improve my health conditions. One of the primary reasons of declining health condition due to stress is that lack of quality sleep. Back in the days, it was quite difficult for me have a sound sleep which further worsen my condition. According to Kögler (et al. 2016) by adopting mindful activities it actually lowered my stress level to a great extent. I learned that stress is one of the leading causes of modern day health related issues. Therefore, reducing stress I was able to enhance the quality of my lifestyle. Practicing such activities has also allowed me to focus more on my daily schedule. This in the long has greatly enhanced my productivity at my workplace, as well as in my professional life. These activities has allowed me to enhance the capacity of brain sharply and also enhanced my cognitive abilities. Prior to these activities, conducting even some of the simplest activity was a big burden for me as I took longer duration to finish them.  This was due to the fact that, when the mind is in at a relaxed state achieved via such activities the benefits are enhanced greatly. And finally, I practicing such productive activity have allowed me to deal with depression greatly. It is a known fact, that a combination of stress and depression is one of the leading causes of an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, reducing such problems has helped me to gain a healthier life (Papies et al. 2015). Question 4 PPtheories Acknowledgment and Commitment in mindfulness bodes well when managing individual difficulties. I associated with the 2016 US decisions and responses on social media about political competitors then I chose not to be judgemental about anything that I saw (Heidegger and Emad, 2016). I discovered mindfulness through this approach to social media and understood how it worked. At the end of the day, mindfulness is the nonreactive approach to occasions or emotions. For this situation, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy sounds good to me since I understand that intense individuals frequently discover to discover solutions to emotionally clashing circumstances. The conduct needed to have outcomes, for example, shirking of what was awful out of readiness. This was to be done each time I logged onto social media whether Facebook or Twitter and YouTube. I felt better in spite of difficult encounters and kept away from any negative features that I went over.  I controlled my mind so every time I thought of social media, I changed to energy while shutting out antagonism. I put an update in my brain through a one moment mindfulness movement in which I enabled myself to breath, think and interface with my musings. I would close my eyes and hold my breath at that point experience a procedure of wiping out negative musings and grasping positive ones. In this school of thought mindfulness includes pressure diminishment through reflection and is compelling for easing mental scatters(CHOPRA, 2018).   Mindfulness Exercise (S) Stifling my brain and abstaining from seeing the “like” catch was difficult however I concentrated on the present state and not what I had delighted in watching or loving on social media. Through mindfulness I picked mindfulness by concentrating on my qualities and staying focused on what was great. My approach to positive psychology included mindful utilization of social media with intellectual, test acknowledgment and conduct control. I discovered to dodge certain considerations that went with the pictures I saw on the web. I had positive musings realized a decent ordeal. At a certain point I pondered looking over the big name news joins for shocking stories on pop stars. I needed to find out about the chatter however through this I could dodge counterfeit news and the uneasiness of staying aware of the most recent (Heidegger and Emad, 2016). I increased more mindfulness muscles through the psychological treatment practices for qualities, for example, persistence and emotional steadiness. The advantages of light activities, for example, these are wide. In my next training, I might want to attempt Ruth Harris approach to mindfulness which manages a transparency, warm, interest and adaptability based approach. Rather than evasion, I will attempt acknowledgment which includes the appropriation of an open approach to encounters. In this plan, my goal is to consider around other individuals. I might want to investigate their contemplations and emotions through a mindfulness procedure (Heidegger and Emad, 2016). Mindfulness Exercise/Practices Did You Like LEAST Reflecting on my encounters and future desires took me through the establishments of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Applied Behavioural Analysis of outcomes. Thus, I made decisions about the human reaction to issues through Relational Frame Theory (RFT) which catches observational research on the adequacy of mindfulness treatments. Research underlined the estimation of inquiries, for example, the elements adding to acknowledgment and evasion, the impact of development in holding emotional sensations and the utilization of outward appearances for mindfulness (Chapman-Clarke, 2013). It was thrilling to discover that mindfulness training and mindfulness based relationship bolster conduct responses to encounters. This is essential for patient’s recuperation designs and counteractive action of mental trouble conditions, for example, backslide. This is the reason for transnational ideas which offer approach to more extensive research in Psychology. As I record this, I see that my mind stays engrossed with the past and I need to continue searching for methods for unmasking it. In spite of the fact that I saw mindfulness as a procedure, it is presently clear that it is additionally a technique that guides on the best way to reflect on an ordeal, defeat troubles practically speaking and oppose emotions. I see the quietness in the room which sends my psyche to tranquility and an examination mode. I additionally see that I am in contact with my physical state of wellbeing and exhaustion. I review lessons from Week 7 which concentrated on components for mindfulness development, for example, strategies for making balance when strolling (Segal and Teasdale, 2013).   Mindfulness Based Interventions Best Mindfulness hone incorporates mindfulness intervention was minimum fascinating on the grounds that it included digging into the psyche of other individuals. Working out the new is a test that contrasts from self-detailed instruments. I discovered to apply ideas on mindfulness and stress decrease concerning intervention in palliative care. I saw that this approach might be productive however it takes longer and requires satisfactory training. Contemplation was a superior approach since it included the person’s support and it had no space and time limits (Segal and Teasdale, 2013). My best approach to customer based mindfulness is using incorporated solutions, for example, controlling a reaction, end of negative impacts, side effect lessening and advancing wellbeing. This is on the grounds that a few issues have different root components and mindfulness fills in as a logical therapeutic solution and craftsmanship based approach for inventive solutions. This implies before I can choose the suitable solutions to oversee on a customer, I have to build up a sincere relationship, watch social characteristics delineated at that point recommend solutions in light of a logical examination. Despite the fact that I bolster social treatments, I am additionally mindful that there are contrasts and similitudes in speculations so having knowledge into the state of the customer directs the particular intervention strategies in light of the span of the procedure. The strategy and process are imperative components when settling on educated choices (Hoy and Tarter, 2012). Conclusion This course of work is based on my learning activity regarding mindfulness. I had discussed different exercises to generate solutions for increase the level of mindfulness in this paper. In this manner, I had also discussed significant therapeutic approach to increase the level of mindfulness in this course of work.    References Chapman-Clarke, M. (2013). The mindfulness at work pocketbook. UK: SEGA. CHOPRA, M. (2018). JUST BREATHE. [S.l.]: RUNNING PRESS. Duncan, L. G., Coatsworth, J. D., Gayles, J. G., Geier, M. H., & Greenberg, M. T. (2015). Can mindful parenting be observed? Relations between observational ratings of mother–youth interactions and mothers’ self-report of mindful parenting. Journal of Family Psychology, 29(2), 276. Gilmartin, H., Saint, S., Rogers, M., Winter, S., Snyder, A., Quinn, M., & Chopra, V. (2018). Pilot randomised controlled trial to improve hand hygiene through mindful moments. BMJ Qual Saf, bmjqs-2017. Heidegger, M. and Emad, P. (2016). Mindfulness. London: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC. Hoy, W. and Tarter, C. (2012). Administrators solving the problems of practice. Boston: Pearson/Allyn and Bacon. Kögler, M., Brandstätter, M., Borasio, G. D., Fensterer, V., Küchenhoff, H., & Fegg, M. J. (2015). Mindfulness in informal caregivers of palliative patients. Palliative & supportive care, 13(1), 11-18. Nelson, C., & Cromwell, S. (2017). Mindful Eating: Benefits, Challenges, and Strategies. Pagnini, F., & Phillips, D. (2015). Being mindful about mindfulness. The lancet. Psychiatry, 2(4), 288-289. Papies, E. K., Pronk, T. M., Keesman, M., & Barsalou, L. W. (2015). The benefits of simply observing: Mindful attention modulates the link between motivation and behavior. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 108(1), 148. Remmers, C., Topolinski, S., & Koole, S. L. (2016). Why being mindful may have more benefits than you realize: Mindfulness improves both explicit and implicit mood regulation. Mindfulness, 7(4), 829-837. Schwind, J. K., McCay, E., Beanlands, H., Martin, L. S., Martin, J., & Binder, M. (2017). Mindfulness practice as a teaching-learning strategy in higher education: A qualitative exploratory pilot study. Nurse education today, 50, 92-96. Segal, Z. and Teasdale, J. (2013). Mindfulness based cognitive therapy for depression. New York [u.a.]: Guilford. Sitzman, K. L., Jensen, A., & Chan, S. (2016). Creating a Global Community of Learners in Nursing and Beyond: Caring Science, Mindful Practice MOOC. Nursing education perspectives, 37(5), 269-274. Smith, B., Metzker, K., Waite, R., & Gerrity, P. (2015). Short-form mindfulness-based stress reduction reduces anxiety and improves health-related quality of life in an inner-city population. Holistic nursing practice, 29(2), 70-77. Vinson, K. E. (2016). Writing Lockdowns: A Path to Mindful Writing. Scribes J. Leg. Writing, 17, 69.

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