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Hospitality: Event Planning Question: Discuss about the Hospitality for Event Planning.   Answer: Introduction The notion of Tourism and the hospitality services does share similar characteristics and they also are related with comparable set of activities and they even be related sometimes. As recommended by numerous authors and scholars the tourism and hospitality sector is prepared up of various sub sectors they are: Restaurants; Hotels, night clubs Pubs, and bars; travel services; events, membership clubs; gambling; tourist services; holiday parks; tourist attractions and many more. Hospitality industry is solely concerned with providing superior quality of hospitality services to their customers including tourist and travellers. A customer or traveller and tourist must be treated with maximum priority ensuring positive response to every service they are being provided with. Customers or travellers do have a tendency to be very fickle minded and considering the level of competition that persists within the hospitality industry, it is of great significance that tourism organisations must ensure they are putting maximum effort in order for providing best in class hospitality services.   Definitions The genre of Tourism and Hospitality has been defined as “A wide class of various sections inside the distinct service trade, which involves lodging, event planning, transportation, cruise line and theme parks, along with supplementary fields inside the business of tourism” (Flemsæter, 2009). Tourism has also been defined to be, “A short-term and temporary movement of people to various destinations to various locations that are remote” (Chaudhary, 2009). Tourism has also been defined to be, “Terms of significant and precise activities that have been selected by individual choices and that have been undertaken outside of the homely environment, tourism might or might not include overnight stays from home” (Zahra and Hooper, 2012). Some authors and scholars have also carved out the commercial perspective and defined the notion as, “Hospitality is solely concerned with providing best in class hospitality services to travellers and tourists, which eventually would help in achieving enormous profits” (Murthy, 2008).    Main Body Analysis Commercial action that reveals contemporary day hospitality likes as big hotels and foodstuff and drinks outlets were also exposed in different region of the world. According to the market survey it can be observed that by 400BC business hospitality or commercial hospitality sector was very important and essential to get merchants, businessman and travellers to the countries as a valuable foundation and resources of profits. In investigating commercial hospitality it’s apparent that the division was previously divided and separated from home hospitality services (Flemsæter, 2009). There was a noteworthy amount of food, drink and housing operations, which engrossed tourists, provided the requirements of traders and that was essential for business. Commercial hospitality was obtainable for those who had no association or link to personal hospitality or were insufficiently advantaged to obtain hospitality of the country. As a result, commercial hospitality was disgraceful compared to other variety of hospitality sector. According to the home hospitality it can be observed that people welcome the guest from the heart and they provide them all level of comfort which they can provide. According to the home hospitality services it can be said that different location and different region people has their own culture and taste (Chaudhary, 2009). According to the different culture and taste the people can transform their hospitality services. There is an association; there is a key disparity between the idea of hospitality services and the commercial hospitality industry: it exists in the cash included and the host visitor relationship. There is a connection; there is a prime disparity among the design and plan of hospitality industries and the commercial hospitality business: it survives in the motto incorporated in the midst of the host tourist association. Commercial hospitality have a exact kind of connection amongst administrator and tourist in which the administrator comprehends what may convince the tourist and recover their support and success at the time being competent to express this supervision perfectly (Marianne Tromp and Jan Blomme, 2014). While home hospitality services depend on the connection of empathy, dealing cordiality depends on a monetary skill. Along these lines an alternating sort of administrator visitor association survives contained by commercial hospitality, as consumers have to pay to exploit the offices available to them, and as a result the administrator has an obligation to offer the most excellent management that deals with the problems and requirements of the tourist (Zahra and Hooper, 2012). It is subsequently; the money requisite in the administrator visitor association that commercial hospitality business is establish in its individual exact space. According to the geographical change the culture of hospitality services might change and to make an effective home based hospitality services the individual requires proper knowledge and understanding regarding the various culture of the world. For an example India is a diverse culture country. To make a home hospitality service the people requires understanding the surroundings and places of the home to provide people that kind of cultural hospitality service to make them satisfied.   To compare the home hospitality services and commercial hospitality services it can be said that commercial hospitality services is just an extensive part of home hospitality services (Zahra, 2012). To make a commercial hospitality services the basic idea comes from the welcomes of our relatives in home and their happiness and comfort to stay (Molz and Gibson, 2007). The basic philosophy of any kind of hospitality services is to provide satisfaction and friendliness towards the customers. There are several differences in the relaxation activities and amenities for home hospitality and commercial hospitality services. Private or home based hospitality includes the sustaining thought processes of the individuals who serve drinks, cook, engross, and make quaint little inns a sheltered domain. Inside this area the demonstration of companionship is exhibited through the arrangement of nourishment, drink and settlement. Companionship not just makes a typical tie between those included in dividing hospitality additionally makes an ethical obligation regarding the visitor who has gotten the friendliness, to give back where its due and host another event. In this manner, inside home hospitality the part of the host is taken thus without thought for money related reimbursement (Russo, 2012). Values, for example, family relationship, social obligation of consideration and neighborliness, began from cordiality in the home and are found inside parts of social and business accommodation. To some degree home hospitality shapes the desire of social and commercial hospitality in this manner; an association exists between the three areas. According to the hospitality industry the comparison between home and commercial hospitality sector is a very interesting factor. The prime objectives of both hospitality sectors are same to provide effective and superior quality of services towards the visitors to attract more visitors in their business and gain some revenue (Seneviratne, 2007). The basic difference between this two hospitality industry is one is basically concentrates on revenue and profit and the other one is depends on friendliness and relationship building. In my home I can manage to learn hospitality services from my parents and grandparents To deliver the hospitality services within home my parents and grandparents delivers the hospitality services to the others and they solely take all the decisions regarding the changes and quality of the accommodation and foods (Chen, 2011). On the other hand to make an effective commercial hospitality services I need to divide the proper management staffs according to the different division of hospitality like food, accommodation, transport etc. In the food division the waiters are delivering the hospitality services to the people where as the whole quality measurement of the food is depends on the chief of the restaurant. To measure the satisfaction and dissatisfaction factors in the home hospitality and commercial hospitality it wholly depends on the visitors (Lieberman and Nissen, 2005). If the tourist or the visitors believes that commercial hospitality sector performs a well action with minimum cost them it will give them satisfaction where as if they don’t get the proper welcome or accommodation and food facilities from the home hospitality then it could be dissatisfaction factor for the travelers. Hospitality industry has always been a significant contributor to the economic condition of any nation, hence it is necessary for the hospitality industry players to be effective in order for ensuring their individual survival and sustenance thoroughly. The sole purpose of hospitality organisations must always be concentrating upon providing the best in class services to their customers and clients as the hospitality industry is filled with numerous players and competitors that pose direct threat to the existence of each other (Moore and Doherty, 2011). And the only way it is possible for ensuring individual survival and sustenance is by providing best in class and stand out services to their customers and clients, which will result in customer satisfaction leading to customer loyalty and enhanced profit margin.   Conclusion According to the above study it can be concluded that, the comprehension of hospitality exercises can be isolated into three spatial spaces; social, commercial and private or home based. Verifiably business accommodation was seen as basically being a generic budgetary buy and sells process, on the other hand, changes extra period and how the joining of every spatial gap has upgraded commercial hospitality progress. The primary distinction among home based hospitality services and commercial hospitality services is the principle of the administrator tourist association.    References Flemsæter, F. (2009). From “Home” to “Second Home”: Emotional Dilemmas on Norwegian Smallholdings. Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, 9(4), pp.406-423. Marianne Tromp, D. and Jan Blomme, R. (2014). Leadership style and negative work-home interference in the hospitality industry. Int J Contemp Hospitality Mngt, 26(1), pp.85-106. Molz, J. and Gibson, S. (2007). Mobilizing hospitality. Aldershot, England: Ashgate. Russo, M. (2012). Home, domesticity and hospitality: A theoretical reflection. Hospitality & Society, 2(3), pp.309-320. Seneviratne, M. (2007). A practical approach to water conservation for commercial and industrial facilities. Amsterdam: Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann. Zahra, A. (2012). Navigating interdisciplinary inhospitableness: The home–hospitality interface. Hospitality & Society, 2(3), pp.243-250. Zahra, A. and Hooper, S. (2012). Mothers’ perceptions of their children pursuing work in the home and hospitality. Hospitality & Society, 2(3), pp.293-308. Chaudhary, J. (2009). Career in hospatility [i.e. hospitality], travel & tourism industry. Panchkula, H.R.: Better Books. Chen, J. (2011). Advances in hospitality and leisure. Bingley, U.K.: Emerald. Lieberman, K. and Nissen, B. (2005). Ethics in the hospitality and tourism industry. Lansing, Mich.: Educational Institute, American Hotel & Lodging Association. Moore, D. and Doherty, A. (2011). United States travel and tourism industry. Hauppauge, N.Y.: Nova Science Publisher’s, Inc. Murthy, E. (2008). Management of tourism & hospitality industry. Jaipur, India: ABD Publishers.

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