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HLSC122 Inquiry In Health Care Question: Discuss about the Mindfulness for PTSD.     Answer: Mindfulness For PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Thorough research related to various medical conditions can be done to ascertain the requisite knowledge for information gathering.  Investigative research is a means of looking for answers not readily available. Post traumatic stress disorder is a medical condition which occurs by encountering re-occurring manifestations, which alters the normal functioning of the boy, like moods, temperance among others. Its genesis often, is experiencing of traumatising events such as war, rape physical assault, natural calamities and violence experience, (Howlett & Stein, 2016). In trying to manage post traumatic stress disorder, mindfulness based theory has been utilised, it is a concept which rotates around promotion, mindfulness and mental state. In developed nations, mindfulness based theory, is taking deep roots. Mindfulness based therapies is incorporated in the treatment plans of patients, elimination of negative thoughts is always a priority, they include depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation. Mindfulness often plays a significant role in shaping the thoughts of an individual patient.  They aid in relieving symptoms of stress, issues of metal health and pain, (Burke, 2010). For Abdul to gain more insights into the mindfulness based theory and practice, medline and Cinhal databases are the best in handling this task, it utilises, Medline and Cinhhal databases. Medline offers full text journal articles making it easier for learners in the medical field especially nursing to be up to date with research activities. The rationale for selecting this two databases is that Medline database often includes full text materials from over 14,000 journals most of which are found for nursing. Medline involves materials in health care, medicine health care, physical therapy and more. It the most reliable databases so it has Nursing and rehabilitation and patient reference centre.  Worldwide, nurses, health practitioners and researchers depend on this two databases for comprehensive medical information. In order to understand the question answering aspect, PICO format is used as a guide towards researching the concept at hand. Evidence based practice has been used for both the medical team and patients  themselves in trying to understand the pharmacological world of health and medicines. Evidence based medicine has been widely used in the diseases physiology, (Patterson  & Coppens, 2017). PICO format of formulating questions and answering involves, patient, intervention, comparison and outcome events. It is widely utilized in evidence based practice. The key words used to be used in doing the research include posttraumatic stress disorder and mindfulness based therapy. These words will be used in combination with Boolean operators. They include the use of AND, OR, and NOT.AND tool narrows the search by commanding the search engine to get records containing the first word in the phrase. However failure to insert the key word, computer automatically inserts them using java script tool. OR expands the search to include both the keyword or both. It assist when there are many similar word in the search criteria. NOT operator excludes the unwanted words, (Columbia, 2017).   In answering the first key clinical question, of veterans being mindful based therapy effective for the treatment with Post traumatic stress disorder, the following table will assist us in the search;   Key word search Alternative words Patient/population Veterans Military men/ soldiers/war victims/police intervention Mindful based therapy Therapy, depressions, anxiety, mindfulness, mindfulness based stress reduction control Stress, Attitude, behaviour outcome Relaxation, moods, consciousness Reactivity, openness, Table using CINHAL databases Action Search mode Result Limiters S1 veterans OR Military men AND Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Find 9,160 2016 – 2017 S2 ‘mindful based therapy’ Find 21.300 2016-2017 S3 post traumatic stress disorder AND mindfulness based therapy find 7,490 2016 – 2017 S4 prevention of post traumatic stress disorder AND mindfulness based therapy Find 5.060 2016-2017 S5 veterans AND post traumatic stress disorder AND mindfulness therapy Find 2.850 2016-2017 S6 veterans and post traumatic stress disorder and treatment and mindfulness therapy Find 2,480 2016- 2017 The results indicate above are accurate however there are many studies relating to the study topic hence the huge number of article searches found. However with the use of the boolen operators one can be able to narrow down on specific searches which directs to topic of study. The results may not be 100 % accurate, but the results obtain are ear to the mark. Boolen operators are used to focus on searches, especially in this case where the topic contain several searches. They connect different information in order to narrow down on topic of interest. They reduce the number of records found, by focussing on target topic easily. Hence scenario the searches are accurate and relevant to the topic of choice. It is evident from this task that as you narrow down with complex use of the boolen operators the more the reduced the results you get, this will guide on being specific on the case issue being investigated, in this Mr. Abdul who is seeking help from post traumatic stress disorder using mindfulness based therapy. References Howlett, J. R., & Stein, M. B. (2016). Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Burke, C.A. (2010). Mindfulness-based approaches with children and adolescents: A preliminary review of current research in an emergent field. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 19, 133-144. DOI 10.1007/s10826-009-9282-x. Retrieved from Patterson, J., & Coppens, P. (2017). Integrating Principles of Evidence-Based Practice into Aphasia Rehabilitation. Aphasia Rehabilitation: Clinical Challenges, 355. Boolean Operators. Columbia University Catalogue. Retrieved from at 00.08, 13/04/2017. Khusid, M. A., & Vythilingam, M. (2016). The emerging role of mindfulness meditation as effective self-management strategy, Part 1: clinical implications for depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety. Military medicine, 181(9), 961-968. King, A. P., Block, S. R., Sripada, R. K., Rauch, S., Giardino, N., Favorite, T., … & Liberzon, I. (2016). Altered Default Mode Network (Dmn) Resting State Functional Connectivity Following A Mindfulness?Based Exposure Therapy For Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (Ptsd) In Combat Veterans Of Afghanistan And Iraq. Depression and anxiety, 33(4), 289-299.

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