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Health Care: Spirituality And Health International

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Health Care: Spirituality And Health International Questions: 1. What is prime reality?  How does this faiths belief on prime reality impact their beliefs on healing and subsequently our care toward this people group in a medical setting?  If they believe in a supernatural power how does that shape their beliefs on healing based on their higher power, do they meditate or connect with their higher power in some way and is that helpful to address when caring for them and honoring their faith etc? 2. What is the nature of the world around us?  How does this faiths belief on the nature of the world impact their beliefs on healing and subsequently our care toward this people group in a medical setting?  If they believe we are just matter how might they view their care or if they believe the world is created and so are they how might they view the importance of their care? 3. What is a human being?  How does this faiths belief on what it means to be a human being impact their beliefs on healing and subsequently our care toward this people group in a medical setting?  If they believe human life is valuable or not it impacts their thoughts on medical care, reflect on that and how it may impact our care of this patient. 4. What happens to a person at death?  Discuss implications of their beliefs on this topic in a health care setting. 5. Why is it possible to know anything at all?  Discuss the implications of these beliefs on our care of an individual of this faith regarding how we know what we know. 6. How do we know what is right or wrong? Discuss the implications of these beliefs on our care of an individual of this faith regarding right and wrong. 7. What is the meaning of human history?  Discuss the implications of these beliefs on our care of an individual of this faith and how they view people in history as it relates to their faith.?   Answers: Prime reality- As per Christian Theism the Prime reality in fact is infinite, and personal God exposed in Holy Scriptures. Such God is the triune, transcendent plus immanent, omniscient, and also sovereign, and good. As per Buddhism the Reality within Buddhism is named as dharma otherwise dhamma. Such word, that is foundational towards theoretical frameworks of Indian religions, also refers in the Buddhism to system of the natural laws that constitute natural order for things. Nature of world- Christianity do never devalue natural world. Also if anything, the Christianity actually teaches that world we live within is the gift from the God and it always needs to be properly managed by people for maintenance of his glory and benefit of some others.  Buddhism & Christianity are in fact similar within their views and thoughts about the nature. Both think that nature is a gift and has to be nurtured and that everyone needs to be well prepared within their method of handling it. Human being- As per Christians human beings actually are a part of life cycle of the planet. Also they depend fully upon the earth’s bio-system, thus their lives in fact share in the life in very general. Yet human life in reality stands above the subhuman life. Bible even expresses uniqueness plus superior dignity for humankind as “image of the God.” Humans within Buddhism are actually subjects of very extensive commentarial journalism that examines nature plus qualities of the human life right from opinion of the humans’ ability till they attain enlightenment. Within Buddhism, humans also are just some form of the sentient being, which is a human being with the midstream. What happens after death? Christianity- When human body tends to death or dies, it in fact goes back to dust of the corruption where it stays until “last day and last time” of the earth’s history. Also at this point it would be raised within a new type, an eternal body. Human body in fact is not actually “recycled” consecutively into some series of the fleshly bodies, because it is advocated in such religions that their subscribing to “reincarnation” and dogma. As per Buddhism, death is actually not end of the life, it also is just end of body that we inhabit within such life, yet our spirit would still stay and also seek out via need of the attachment, attachment towards a novel body plus novel life. Here they would be born as a result of past plus accumulation of the positive in addition to negative activities. This leads to person to get reborn in sole of the 6 realms that are; Asura, heaven, animal, human beings, hungry ghost and hell.    Implications of such beliefs upon the care of individual of such faith related to how a nurse knows and what she knows: Though majority of patients would conscription their own clergy, the Buddhist that travels far away from their home might also need extra care within the healthcare amenity. Also if such people do not have clergy attainable, one can definitely check with with the healthcare amenity’s chaplain. While working and handling Buddhist patients the nurses must keep in mind few facts and they are like Buddhist patients actually are modest as well as might have hatred towards meat of animals and goods made from them, including such used to produce some medications. The nurse must ask patients that if they carry some specific dietary otherwise treatment requirements to make sure that they are providing ethnically sensitive care (Greenstreet, 2007). Buddhist patients might also refuse analgesics as clarity of mind is extra important towards practicing the Buddhists. Nurses must try to supply a quiet as well as tranquil setting intended for patient plus family whenever possible to ease the process of meditation (Gross, 1981). Implications of such beliefs upon their care of individual of such faith regarding the right or the wrong After patient’s death, the nurses must attempt to keep body as still as doable while moving it plus they must never remove any embellishments, like some thread worn all around neck or even wrist as Buddhists think that body is not immediately annulled of spirit after death (Heelas, 2006). The main spirit of the Christians actually is that fact is the very religious world; and that fabric world in fact is just mind’s indistinct point of view for fact. Right from the healthcare viewpoint, the Christians actually distinguish that all the diseases are anyhow the bacterial ones within the source, yet thinks that there exists a fundamental religious facet demanding therapeutic efforts via prayer(Paley, 2007). Patients that are Christians also are commonly are pleasurable towards child birth within the hospital plus even use medications at the time of childbirth while needed, yet might prefer a proper midwife as well as a very holistic loom. Christian also permits for legally needed infant plus child vaccinations (Paley, 2010). What is meaning of the human history Participants within the cross-cultural appearance generally ask the way in which to divide an individual’s religious beliefs as well as behaviors from all those that actually are based upon person’s religion and culture. In fact best answer towards this extra complex query is to ultimately think of the culture plus religion as becoming the two parts of same coin – and it might not be useful towards struggling with the separation of the both (Shi Zhiru, 2010). Such influential figures could also help interpret things that are happening on the spiritual phase during the health crisis intended for patients as well as their families. The nurse might at times be very uncomfortable discussing about the cultural and also religious health thoughts and carry outs with patients as well as families. Nurse working with patients must try to match up their beliefs with the patient’s.   Spiritual perspective on healing: The response to progress of the spiritual healing within 21st century actually is a proper resounding, “YES!” and human beings also have established that they even are intellectual beings, that have made a very tremendous development through scientific process.  The research of the spiritual healing can also benefit from systematic loom of the science.  If the spiritual healing can be anyhow quantitatively explained plus validated it actually has potential to turn out to be a extra credible element within health care scheme. Thus, challenge is also not towards changing the spiritual healing, rather it is to adapt scientific replica to sufficiently study it.  Ultimately, 21st century also holds incredible chances towards encouraging the dialogue amid fields of the religion as well as science, and towards demystifying healing authority of prayer.   Critical components of the healing Progressively, especially in West, types of meditation like stress reduction based on mindfulness are practiced within a very secular context, towards triggering body’s real healing and the ‘relaxation response.’ Yet historically, majority forms of the meditation build within world’s vital religious traditions are till date being followed. While people often think of the meditation like one coming from East, via religions like Buddhism, Hinduism that includes yoga, plus also Taoism, in reality. Observing as well as quieting mind are keys towards recognizing transience of every thought plus emotions, breaching doorway towards enlightened mind and soul (Shenpen Hookham, 2010). Meditating is center practice for amalgamation of the mind with energies in service beneath physical world, via which mind can eventually merge with source of such energies itself.   Conclusion: Also spiritual healing exists to diagnosis as well as removal of spiritual origin cause of issue. Thus it can be said that in the world though people have developed technologically but their religious and cultural beliefs are yet the same and will be the same till the end of the world. These beliefs are at times common as well. They are very similar in both their promotion for the lack of the attachment towards material things in order that loss becomes less difficult. They in fact are similar within several of ethics regarding populace’s actions as well as attitudes in the life. But they also are extra different in all of their ways of dealing suffering which comes, and within meaning of such suffering.   References Dhammanandā BhikkhunÄ« (Chatsumarn, (2010). Institutional Authority: A Buddhist Perspective. Buddhist-Christian Studies, 30(1), pp.147-157. Greenstreet, W. (2007). Synchronicity and dissonance: nursing, spirituality and contemporary discourse. Spirituality and Health International, 8(2), pp.92-100. Gross, R. (1981). Feminism from the Perspective of Buddhist Practice. Buddhist-Christian Studies, 1, p.73. Heelas, P. (2006). Nursing spirituality. Spirituality and Health International, 7(1), pp.8-23. Paley, J. (2007). Spirituality and nursing: a reductionist approach. Nursing Philosophy, 9(1), pp.3-18. Paley, J. (2010). Spirituality and reductionism: three replies. Nursing Philosophy, 11(3), pp.178-190. Shenpen Hookham, (2010). Spiritual Authority: A Buddhist Perspective. Buddhist-Christian Studies, 30(1), pp.121-132. Shi Zhiru, (2010). Scriptural Authority: A Buddhist Perspective. Buddhist-Christian Studies, 30(1), pp.85-105.

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