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Health Care: Shaping Up A Healthy Environment

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Health Care: Shaping Up A Healthy Environment Question: Discuss about Health Care for the Shaping Up a Healthy Environment?   Answer: The influence of nurse managers in Shaping Up A Healthy Environment cannot be denied (Titzer et al., 2013). The Manager Skills Inventory Tool is a means of capturing the skills and behaviours of the nurse manager (, 2016). Using the results of Nurse Manager Skills Inventory Tool, I would like to reflect on my personal and professional accountability, career planning and personal journey disciplines. I have identified my strengths and weaknesses, discussed how I will use my current leadership skills for changing the workplace and identify my personal goal for leadership growth and discuss my implementation plan for achieving my goal. At the beginning, I would like to emphasise on the strengths and weaknesses I possess, as reflected by the utilisation of the Nurse Manager Skills Inventory Tool. The main aspects of this analysis are that I am able to professionally and personally account for solving problems, have fast critical thinking ability and know future career path. Sharing leadership and skills for decision making are what I have in me. Attention would be first given to aspects of business management. The areas that can be considered as my strengths are human resource management, with special reference to recruitment of techniques, interviewing them, abiding by labour laws and hiring policies and procedures from facility department. I have knowledge of performance improvement needs, patient safety and workplace safety and I try to promote intradepartmental and interdepartmental communication. I also have strong foundational thinking skills and I am able to implement a systematic thinking for analysis and decision-making. Organisational behaviour and adaptive systems are well understood. I am well advanced in technology as I possess basic computer skills and have adequate knowledge of information technology. Presentation skills, persuasion skills and skills for developing strategic plans and operational plans are also developed. The areas that need improvement, and therefore are the points of weaknesses, are understanding of department-based budgeting and understanding of health care economics and health care policy as applicable to delivery of patient care. The other areas that need to be worked on are business development skills and project management skills. Now coming to my leadership skills, I am well competent in staff development and mentoring. I have strong communication skills, emotional intelligence, self awareness, team dynamics, effective use of dialogues, collaborative practice and skills for conflict management. I try to maintain cultural competency and implement social justice. The main aspect that needs to be mentioned is that I always have the aim of creating an efficient leader in me. I monitor my personal growth and development, exercise ethical behaviour, adjudge the responsibilities I have and correctly position myself in the organisation. Reflective practice and shared leadership are the two key elements that I feel make up my personal journey. I realise that the current leadership skills that I have can be utilised for changing the workplace I am a part of. I feel people in the workplace would desire a leadership refresh and I would want to be the leader who would be likeable, understandable and motivating to the fellow professionals. I would strive to encourage people to have a positive workplace culture. I would take up old ways of engaging the workforce in a diverse and multigenerational approach towards work (Laschinger et al., 2014). An awakened and dynamic spirit would be maintained by me. Firstly, I would empower the people to be  entrepreneurial and to test their ideas and ideals. They would be encouraged to be their best by making a discovery on how they fit best in the organisation (Feldman et al., 2011). I feel leadership is being delegating and letting go others to establish their own footing with complete trust on them. I would do the same. The fellow professionals would be given room to explore and unleash the passion they have. The next move would be to build teams that have the potentiality to last. Team building would be more organic and less instructional. Each person’s contribution would be considered. I would definitely try to be a great communicator and encourage two-way communication, thereby creating a good functional workplace. The new workplace would be less about the business and more about the individual defining the organisation (Laschinger et al., 2012).   I have set up targets for my leadership growth as I feel it is very much significant for overall professional development. Two goals have been put in place that I wish to fulfil within a short span of time. My first goal is to help people to tap into meaning in the work they take up. The second goal that I have in mind is to enhance problem solving and decision making ability. For fulfilling the aim of building professionalism and potential leadership in my fellow workers, I would try my level best to incorporate leadership in all professionals I work with. I would help in building up a model that people would seek. This would help them in building the skills they have and set the right attitude. Creating learning forums would be a good approach and would promote exchange of thoughts and ideas (Baldwin & Gould, 2012). Work would be designed for helping them to tap into their potential. For enhancing the problem solving and decision making ability, I have thought of following a systematic plan that would be beneficial. I would first analyse the situation that needs to be taken into consideration. I would then set a goal and identify the steps to be taken up. The ideas and thoughts coming up in mind would be challenged. Evaluation and judgement would be the next step. Deductive and inductive reasoning would be then taken up and the solutions to the problem would be verbalised. The positive, negative and interesting thought-provoking aspects of my ideas would be considered. For having better problem-solving ability, I would focus more on lateral, creative and divergent thinking. I would attempt to spontaneously generate maximum number of ideas on a subject. The next step would be to visualise the total scenario. Enacting a scenario of alternatives would then be taken up. The elements would be combined into one part and another person’s view would be deliberately taken up (Sternberg & Frensch, 2014). Drawing conclusion from the reflection, I would like to state that I have successfully recognised my strengths and weaknesses. Some areas of my strengths are human resource management, information technology and leadership skills. The areas in which I need to work hard are  business development skills and project management skills. However, I feel confident on having appropriate leadership skills. With such skills I am sure I will be able to inspire others to work together in pursuit of a common goal, such as enhanced patient care. In future, I would efforts to think critically, set goals and skillfully communicate and collaborate. This would be a part of my targets in future to help people to tap into meaning in the work they take up and to enhance problem solving and decision making ability.   References,. (2016). Retrieved 9 February 2016, from Baldwin, M., & Gould, N. (Eds.). (2012). Social work, critical reflection and the learning organization. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.. Feldman, H., Alexander, G., & Greenberg, M. (2011). Nursing leadership. New York: Springer Pub. Co. Laschinger, H. K. S., Wong, C. A., & Grau, A. L. (2012). The influence of authentic leadership on newly graduated nurses’ experiences of workplace bullying, burnout and retention outcomes: A cross-sectional study.International journal of nursing studies, 49(10), 1266-1276. Laschinger, H. K. S., Wong, C. A., Cummings, G. G., & Grau, A. L. (2014). Resonant leadership and workplace empowerment: The value of positive organizational cultures in reducing workplace incivility. Nursing economics,32(1), 5. Sternberg, R. J., & Frensch, P. A. (2014). Complex problem solving: Principles and mechanisms. Psychology Press. Titzer, J., Phillips, T., Tooley, S., Hall, N., & Shirey, M. (2013). Nurse manager succession planning: synthesis of the evidence. Journal of nursing management, 21(7), 971-979

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