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Diets And Intestinal Health: Chronic Diseases

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Diets And Intestinal Health: Chronic Diseases Question: Discuss about the Diets and Intestinal Health for Chronic Disease.   Answer: Risk Of Increase Chronic Diseases As A Result Of Environmental Factors Such As Diets And Microbiota Changes And Mechanistic Understanding Of Diets On Intestine  The human gut microbiota had been a very popular topic of research among the scientists. The normal gut microbiota affects the human physiology, metabolism, immune function and the nutrition (Albenberg and Wu. 2014). It has been found that the human gut micro biota helps the host by providing protection against the pathogen, it helps in nutrition, it helps to maintain the wholeness of the mucous membrane of the intestine. It plays an important role in the immune system by modulating the systemic immune cells. It has been found that the gut micro biota helps in the digestion of the complex carbohydrates. They are broken down by the enzymes secreted by the gut micro biota. Disruption in the gut microbiota may lead to irritable bowel movement, inflammatory bowel disease, which is characterized by chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. UC is characterized by inflammation and the ulceration in the lining of the stomach. Reports have suggested that it is due to the interaction between the host genetics and the microbial population of the gut. The inflammation can lead to chronic gastrointestinal diseases (Albenberg and Wu. 2014). It has been found that the gut microbiota regulates the intestinal physiology by altering the expression of the host gene. Disruption in the intestinal microbiota can be due to the diets. The silver nanoparticles used in the food industry can cause disruption in the microbiota. The dietary silver nano particles can harm the gut microbiota. Different forms of diet also help increase some chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases.  Fatty foods lead to increased rate of cholesterol which can increase the chance of obesity, heart diseases. Diets rich in fatty foods may cause an increased level of the serum cholesterol level. Food rich is saturated fatty acid may have an increased risk of having heart attack.  Diets rich in fats also increase the risk of colon and rectal cancers.  Eating bread and other refined flour can increase the risk of developing diabetes. Packaged food containing trans fat also increases the risk of cholesterol and diabetes. Thus it can be concluded that a proper balanced diet can reduce the risk of the chronic illnesses. Food supplements like the probiotics can be consumed to maintain the gut micriobiota to ensure proper digestion, good immunity and health (Rajili?-Stojanovi? et al. 2015).   Diets In General And How Does It Affect The Intestinal Health A good health is associated with a good healthy diet. A proper diet should contain all the essential nutrients in right quantity. A proper balance diet is the key to good intestinal health. A healthy diet should be able to provide the body with essential nutrients. It should contain adequate amount of the essential amino acids. It should contain the right amount of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. The nutrients that are required for a good diet can be obtained for the plant sources as well as the animal sources (Power et al. 2014). A healthy diet ensures to meet the energy needs of the people. A healthy diet should be able to provide nutrition without any toxic effects. Diet will vary depending upon the age, sex and the profession in which he is in. For example, a labourer would need more calorigenic food than vitamins as he will be requiring more energy and strength to do his work; therefore he requires more carbohydrate type of food. Again a pregnant woman, a growing child and an elderly person would require more amount of proteinaceous food, as proteins is a body building food and it helps in the growth of the cells and helps in the repair of the damaged tissues of the body. A proper balanced diet reduces the risk of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancer and many such chronic diseases. A poor diet can lead to many complications in our intestinal health. For intestine to function properly and have a proper bowel movement, diets should have enough dietary fibers (Power et al. 2014). Fibres serve as roughage and provide bulk to the intestinal content for a proper bowel movement. Increased constipation may increase the chance of the diverticular diseases. Diverticulitis can become complicated and increase the chance of hospital admission. Eating of fats and cholesterol containing food may increase the risk of gall stones. Furthermore foods like probiotics and xenobiotics helps in maintain the gut microbial flora which helps in maintaining the intestinal health (Goldsmith and Sartor. 2014). Thus it can be concluded that a healthy diet rich in dietary fibers can decrease the intestinal diseases, reduce weight, overall health and eventually giving a longer life.   References Albenberg, L.G. and Wu, G.D., 2014. Diet and the intestinal microbiome: associations, functions, and implications for health and disease. Gastroenterology, 146(6), pp.1564-1572. Goldsmith, J.R. and Sartor, R.B., 2014. The role of diet on intestinal microbiota metabolism: downstream impacts on host immune function and health, and therapeutic implications. Journal of gastroenterology, 49(5), pp.785-798. Manichanh, C., Borruel, N., Casellas, F. and Guarner, F., 2012. The gut microbiota in IBD. Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 9(10), pp.599-608. Power, S.E., O’Toole, P.W., Stanton, C., Ross, R.P. and Fitzgerald, G.F., 2014. Intestinal microbiota, diet and health. British Journal of Nutrition, 111(3), pp.387-402. Rajili?-Stojanovi?, M., Jonkers, D.M., Salonen, A., Hanevik, K., Raes, J., Jalanka, J., De Vos, W.M., Manichanh, C., Golic, N., Enck, P. and Philippou, E., 2015. Intestinal microbiota and diet in IBS: causes, consequences, or epiphenomena?. The American journal of gastroenterology, 110(2), p.278.

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