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Clinical Skills In Veterinary Office

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Clinical Skills In Veterinary Office Question: Analyze the Restraint Techniques followed on the Cat Tom.   Answer: Several effective methods exist that help animal owners to handle their cat. These methods are utilized to restrain a cat. Safe humane and physical restraint techniques involve the utilization of mechanical or manual means to restrict some normal voluntary movements of an animal for sample collection, examination, drug administration, and therapy. The report will analyze the restraint techniques followed on the cat Tom. An analysis of the video suggests that the controlling criteria were not achieved by the cat owner. While handling the cat, one hand was always placed over the animal. However, the owner had placed the cat on the table top that provided a smooth surface. The owner was speaking in a calm voice that helped the cat to relax. One hand was always placed over the body to keep the cat from moving in other directions. Furthermore, the forearms and the elbow were used to keep the cat close to the body. More area of contact provided a secure environment to the cat. The owner showed good control by scooping the cat and placing an arm over it. The hind legs were kept free from hold. This ensured the cat that it was safe and provided reassurance that the free legs will land first when the cat will be put back down on the table (Grandin & Shivley, 2015). Thus, only one control criteria was met. In addition, there were some techniques that were not correctly followed. The adult cat was not held incorrectly. This might have hurt the cat. While picking up the cat by the scruff, no support was provided. The hind end should have been supported with the other hand in order to facilitate the weight pull and provide additional support (Williams, 2016). Furthermore, handling by the scruff should never be practiced on large and heavy cats, as the one in the video. The handler had correctly pointed out the jugular vein and the cephalic vein. In addition, the cat should have been approached from the side. This will create a less threatening environment for the animal. The handler should have given it a scratch between the ears or down the cheekbone sides. Furthermore, the hands should have been placed behind the forelegs near the armpits in a crossing manner. This was not adequately followed. While lifting the cat the hind legs should have been scooped up with the other hand of the handler that should have come from below. Following this technique would have assisted the handler to lift the head of the cat higher up than the hind part of its body (Gruen et al., 2013). While holding the cat by the scruff, the hind legs should have been secured with the other hand in order to immobilize it. The cat did struggle and tried to break free from the table during the restraint.   In addition, the movement of the cat was not controlled in all directions. The handler was incorrect in showing lateral recumbency restraint. The cat should have been rolled on its side and the entire length of its forearm should have been stretched out. This cold also have achieved by gently scruffing the cat and making him steady between the arms and the elbow of the handler. The right hand could have been slid under the rear legs of the cat to grasp above the hocks and the fingers should have been kept between the legs. In addition, the handler was in danger of getting bitten by the cat. Further incorrect techniques were demonstrated in during the towel wrap. The handler had placed the towel directly over the head of the cat that had covered its head initially. Furthermore, the cat was not stabilized during the procedure. The cat should have been placed on the towel, spread out on the table top. The body should have been stabilized by placing one arm over the shoulder blade. One end of the towel needed to be wrapped around like a scarf (Stookey & Watts, 2014). The other arm should have been then placed over its body for stabilization while wrapping around the other end of the towel like a scarf over it. It should have been tucked inside in such a way that the eyes, mouth and ears were exposed. However, the wrong towel wrapping technique demonstrated by the handler exposed certain portions of the body as well. To conclude, it can be stated out of the given criteria, only one point regarding placing one hand over the animal at all times was met. Thus, this was not a correct restraint procedure.   References Grandin, T., & Shivley, C. (2015). How farm animals react and perceive stressful situations such as handling, restraint, and transport. Animals, 5(4), 1233-1251. Gruen, M. E., Thomson, A., Clary, G., Hamilton, A., Hudson, L., Meeker, R., & Sherman, B. (2013). Conditioning laboratory cats to handling and transport. Lab animal, 42(10), 385. Stookey, J. M., & Watts, J. M. (2014). 5 Low-stress Restraint, Handling and Sorting of Cattle. Livestock Handling and Transport: Theories and Applications, 65. Williams, L. (2016). Cat handling and associated stress: a clinical nursing perspective. Veterinary Nursing Journal, 31(3), 88-93.

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