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9th Week of Shadow Health A complete Evaluation of Tina With Supporting Documentation December 18th, 2022
An In-Depth SOAP Note Tina Jones’s Shadow Health Evaluation      Patient information the name Jones : 28 years old the female gender African American is their race. The main issue is that “I want to get a physical for the health insurance at her new job.” History of complaint: Ms. Jones, an African American woman […]
Behavioral Health Homework Help December 17th, 2022
Objective data from Tina Jones’s neurological shadow health assessment Collecting Objective Data: 36.75 of 37 (99.32%)  Correct  Partially correct  Incorrect  Missed  Confirmed orientation 1 of 1 point To Person (1/3 point)  Oriented to person  Not oriented to person To Place (1/3 point)  Oriented to place  Not oriented to place To Time (1/3 point)  Oriented to time  Not oriented […]
Tina Jones Shadow Health Transcript December 17th, 2022
July 15, 2021, | Total Time:109 min Hello my name is Danielle I will be your provider today Greet 06/27/20 3:27 PM CDT Hey. Can you verify your name? Question 06/27/20 3:27 PM CDT Tina Jones. Your date of birth Question 06/27/20 3:27 PM CDT February 17th. Thank you Question 06/27/20 3:27 PM CDT You’re […]
NKU- DNP Peers’ Posts Needing Responses December 13th, 2022
NKU- DNP Peers’ Posts Needing Responses [Get Expert Solutions] Dissemination of Knowledge   The transmission of nursing evidence to the nursing and scientific communities is one of the most crucial parts of producing nursing evidence, including the translation of evidence into practice, which is what we are educated to accomplish with our doctor of nursing […]

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